We are so proud to showcase our partners at the Nerve Health Institute. Please feel free to visit these recommended sites for further information.

quantum neurology

As a certified Quantum Neurology® doctor, Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C. applies this unique technique to treat his patients with light therapy and the understanding of how the nerves rehabilitate. Learn more at QuantumNeurology.com

brain shock syndrome logo

Brain Shock is a program developed by Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C.  who is the founder of Quantum Neurology® to help more awareness to concussion. Brainshock describes what the nerves in the brain actually experience when a sudden impact is experienced to the brain and body. Learn more at Brainshock.com

hidden speed academy

The Hidden Speed Academy offers top speed training for all athletes of all ages in all sports. Speed is the key and our speed coaches have a strong understanding of how the nerves function and by incorporating the advanced technology of our treadmills that have been designed to help the athletes run faster and safely. Learn more at HiddenSpeed.com

h2storm sevenpoint2 recovery

H2storm is Founded by Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C. and offers the most powerful hydrogen supplement you will find in the market. This patented alkalizing supplement is a tablet that produces molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen is the secret to cellular fitness. Learn more at H2Storm.com

national sports report

The Nerve Health Institute is dedicated to making sports safe for all athletes. The National Sports Report supports our efforts and we appreciate their partnership with Brainshock.com and NerveHealthInstitute.com to helping us save the game of Football. Learn more at NationalSportsReport.com