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All About Metabolism

We all have a friend who can eat or drink whatever they want and never gain an ounce. Some, on the other hand, can’t even look at a piece of cake without gaining five pounds. No fair! What gives? It’s the differences in metabolism.  How fast your metabolism functions is…
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Managing Burnout

Burnout has been officially classified by the World Health Organization as a syndrome resulting from unmanaged workplace stress. It calls burnout “an occupational phenomenon.” Does endless emails, a demanding boss and a bottomless to-do list leave you feeling stressed and burned out from work? You’re not alone. What are some…
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Sleep Deprivation

Far too many Americans don’t get enough sleep. When we feel pressed for time and have too much to do, we often sacrifice hours of sleep in order to cope. Maybe you’re someone who actually boasts about how little sleep you need each night. But many of us don’t understand…
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There’s an App for…Concussions?

My deep-rooted calling is to help as many people as possible. However, I can only treat so many patients in my office, and I cannot put myself on the sidelines of every sports team. I needed to find a way to work around my limitations to be able to help…
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The Solution to Concussions That You Don’t Know About

Last week, I introduced the three-fold problem with the conventional way of dealing with CONCs (concussions) and my belief as to why they’re so pervasive in contact sports and even in everyday life situations (like when I sustained a CONC while renovating my dining room). This week, I’m going to discuss…
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The Problem with Concussions That You Don’t Know About

Last week, you read about my own experience with a major concussion and subsequent paralysis that I was able to treat without surgery, drugs, or physical therapy. This week I’d like to dive into why concussions are such a huge problem in a way that you probably haven’t heard before. First, a bit of…
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What is this Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

Hyperbaric treatment is a modality that applies pressurized oxygen to treat various ailments of the body. Recently, hyperbaric medicine has been gaining notice for its use as an additive therapy for a wide variety of ailments from decompression sickness to non-healing wounds. With new treatment options on the horizon, like hyperbaric oxygen…
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6 great ways to maintain healthy nerves

The nervous system is responsible for controlling the larger part of our vital functions (breathing, heartbeats, hunger, thirst, posture, etc.) as well as for our emotions (happiness, sadness, etc.), it is important to strengthen it naturally to ensure a good quality of life. THREE BENEFICIAL FOODS ​There are some specific…
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