“Elite Athletes: You Have A Hidden Diagnosis”
by Dr. Chris Cormier, DC, Founder of The Nerve Health Institute®

Elite athletes have a hidden diagnosis that is preventing them from taking their “game” to the next level. Even the most advanced doctors and trainers are missing it. It lies within your nervous system and you don’t even know it.Did you know that your most prized asset as an elite athlete is your body’s NERVOUS SYSTEM? The nervous system is the brain and everything that it connects to in the body: muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, bones, etc. It’s not muscles that move the feet, arms, legs or hands. It is the brain.
Without a wiring connection from your brain, a muscle will not work. If a signal through a wire from your brain to one or more of your muscles is not firing at 100% (hidden diagnosis), the risk for injury drastically increases and the potential to maintain elite status drastically decreases. This is the deep rooted reason why so many injuries are occurring even without any contact (e.g. making a cut and tearing an ACL).
I’ve treated many elite athletes who come to me saying, “I don’t need help. My nervous system is strong because I can bench press 300+ pounds and squat 500+ pounds. My forty yard dash time is 4.7 and my vertical jump is 36”.” These athletes are completely dumbfounded when I show them hidden weaknesses within their nervous system. They are even more surprised after they see and feel these weaknesses get immediately corrected.
Fixing the hidden diagnosis is the “edge” that all elite athletes are looking for.
The biggest hidden diagnosis in elite athletes is weak brain connectivity to very important muscles in the knees, arms, shoulders, neck and back. Playing with these hidden weaknesses makes it very probable that you will be injured, stay injured or you will never reach your full potential as an elite athlete.
Let’s look at some possible scenarios; ones in which weak nerves can result in very tangible losses:
• If one finger on a quarterback’s hand isn’t 100 percent connected to the brain, that finger is weaker than it should be, causing the quarterback’s throws to be less accurate than they could be. Maybe he misses the game-winning touchdown throw by a foot because this finger has a hidden diagnosis. We can easily find and fix that.
• Another example is whenever a team gets intimidated and loses badly to another team that they should have easily beaten. Many times this is simply the result of the players’ hidden diagnoses (neurological weaknesses) to the color of the opposing team’s jerseys and/or helmets. So when they watch film or step onto the field, they see the color of the other team’s jerseys and they start getting weak just like breakers tripping in your house. In this case, I strengthen the players’ hidden weak nerves to the opposing team’s jersey and/or helmet color. The results are amazing!
• Maybe you are trying to get your vertical jump higher or your 40 yard dash time faster… what if you have a hidden diagnosis in your starting position? We can find and fix that which will improve your speed and jumping capabilities.
• Emotions and thoughts can also trigger nerve weaknesses. Take the quarterback who throws an interception and loses the game. Thereafter, every time thinks about that interception, breakers start tripping in his brain and body. In the office, we would take actual footage from that interception and strengthen his nervous system while he’s watching the video, so that if he’s ever in that scenario again, about to throw the last pass of the game, the likelihood of him throwing an interception because of tripped breakers is much lower.
• As an elite athlete, you need to make sure that your brain is properly connected to the muscles in your eye so that you can move your eyes in all directions needed. Let’s look at an elite baseball player, a great hitter can experience a six-month hitting slump. If he has a neurological weakness related to cranial nerve VI, which moves the eyes from side to side, every time he’s setting up to bat and looking at a pitch, he’s in a weakened neurological state. This is a major reason big-time hitters repeatedly fall into “slumps” whereby they go from hitting the ball every game to repeatedly striking out. A baseball player needs the connection from his brain—through the cranial nerve—into eye to be strengthened before he can make the necessary corrections to his hitting.
I feel confident that the teams that win Superbowls and World Series’ and Championships, as well as the individuals who win the Masters and all other major sporting events, are all more neurologically sound, as a whole, than losing teams and individuals.
Another consideration is with the current alarming pace of football players’ size and speed increasing, it is becoming harder and harder for athletes to take repeated blows and get back up the next day, week or season. Twenty years ago, it seemed impossible that a 6’5” football player weighing 250 lbs. would ever break 4.8 in the 40 yard dash, but in 2020, players of this size can run a 4.5! However, faster and bigger players are part of the reason why careers are ending and unforeseen injuries are oftentimes coupled with serious neurological injuries.
Getting hit by a 250 lb. linebacker, who runs a 4.5 forty yard dash, is the equivalent of getting hit by an all terrain vehicle traveling at 18 mph. As a football player, you will have to encounter hundreds and hundreds of hits from players like this coming from all different angles of your body. Given these circumstances, how is it possible to have career longevity and at the peak of health? The answer is to protect the body’s most valuable asset –THE NERVOUS SYSTEM!
I recently treated elite college football player whom had torn his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) the previous season and was gearing up to get back on the field. After reconstructive ACL surgery, he had gone through months of serious physical therapy to rehabilitate his knee. Upon my initial examination, all of the brain connections to his legs were rock solid, with the exception of one major muscle in his left leg. His left Sartorius muscle, which is the muscle that pulls the foot across the body and flexes the hip simultaneously, was connected at less than 30% to his brain, and he had no idea. He barely had any strength when this muscle was resisted in his left leg, and this elite athlete had been cleared to play at 100% by all the other medical professionals and trainers assigned to his case! If he had started playing football again in that condition, he would have survived without further injury only out of sheer luck.
By using the new science of Quantum Neurology, this athlete’s brain’s connection to his left leg was restored from 30% to 100%! He went from not being able to pull his foot across his body while flexing his knee to being rock solid strong in seconds. This was taken a step farther by figuring out and correcting why his brain had lost the signal into his left sartorius muscle in the first place. In other words, why had this signal turned off? In his case, every time he fully extended his neck (e.g. a routine tackle for a linebacker), the signal was turning off in his left leg. Subsequently, his leg was further strengthened with simultaneous resisted neck extension. These major corrections to his nervous system took place within a few visits, and when he returned to the football field for his senior college season, he was strong against tearing his ACL again in addition to having a much stronger neck.
Furthermore, I contend that this 6’3”, 240 pound athlete had a Hidden Diagnosis prior to tearing his ACL. How else is it possible that a ligament the size of a dime in diameter could fully tear? Is it simply because this athlete was exerting too much force? No, it was because this athlete already had a hidden diagnosis in his leg before his injury. This is precisely why some people tear their ACLs and others don’t.
Finding these hidden nerve weaknesses and strengthening them immediately is precisely what we do at The Nerve Health Institute®.
Keeping your body in tip-top shape is incredibly hard while you maintain a grueling schedule of helmet thrashing. Undoubtedly, at some point in your career, you will suffer with some type of injury. If you have the same luck as a winner of the Powerball Lottery, then you will finish a very long career without any injuries at all. As an elite football player, experiencing injuries, from mild to severe, has become as common as eating a hamburger. Keeping your nervous system as strong as possible at all times through nerve rehabilitation is what you need to do. When your nervous system is strong, there is very little that can overcome the power of your amazing human body.
Training, practicing and playing with a nervous system that is functioning at 100%, it is almost impossible to get injured on the football field. Conversely, whenever your nervous system is functioning at less than 100% of its capability, it is the perfect set up for a serious and even career ending injury. The probability of injury is directly related to how strong your nervous system is.
There is no reason for statistics to keep increasing where players are ending their careers much earlier than anticipated because of injury. Quantum Neurology can help. GET CONNECTED! Stay ahead of the game and competitors. Lower the probability of injury and in the case of injury, choose the fastest route to recovery. Jump higher, run faster, and strengthen your nerves. Diagnosing and strengthening hidden weak brain to body connections is the future of the creating elite nervous system athletes.
This document contains pieces of my new book, The Hidden Diagnosis: What Doctors Are Missing and Why You Need To Know, which was released in 2012. There is a more detailed explanation of powering up your body in the book.
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