At The Nerve Health Institute, our passion and mission is to take a whole-body wellness approach to patient care—allowing our bodies to heal themselves. We are chiropractors by trade, but our expertise and work goes far beyond your typical chiropractic care—by heavily emphasizing nerve health care, which is as cutting-edge and unconventional as having an iPhone in the 1970s (seriously).

One of my main areas of interest and experience is the treatment of concussions. For the next few weeks, I’ll discuss how we take a very different approach to this increasingly prominent head injury and how our methods and technologies are so effective that we commonly see patients return to their normal activities in a matter of days. I’ll also tell you my personal experience with concussions and paralysis.

Dr. Chris Cormier

For now, I’d like to take a little time to introduce myself a bit more in-depth and give you a picture of my background and heart for my work.

When I was a child, my great grandmother would get massive headaches. I found myself drawn to touching her head and it really surprised me that I was able to literally feel the exact location of her pain with my hands. Of course, I didn’t know it at the time, but that uncanny ability to palpate (using touch to examine a part of the body), would lead me to where I am today, using my God-given abilities to help thousands of men, women, and children recover from illness and injury and lead healthier lives.

I majored in kinesiology at LSU because I knew I wanted to work in healthcare; however, I wasn’t sure on the exact discipline I wanted to pursue and practice. I worked in various hospitals in surgery and therapy, and considered continuing my graduate education in physical therapy or occupational therapy.

One day, my roommate said he was going to chiropractic school after we graduated. I had never even heard that word before, but I researched it and felt a distinct calling to it and knew that that was where God was leading me to help others.

After completing more than three years of medical undergraduate courses, I began at Texas Chiropractic College. Chiropractic school is not easy. It is three and a half years of very intense coursework and clinical hours, including a course on palpation. Remember my story of being able to pinpoint the location of my great grandmother’s headaches when I was just a kid? This class is where it all came together and made sense to me. Whereas my classmates found our palpation class to be difficult, it came very naturally to me and I felt like I could feel things differently than others.

Dr. Chris Cormier Chiropractor

Fast forward to 2008, and I’ve been in practice as a chiropractor for nine years. I felt another calling that I could serve my patients at a higher level and meet my full potential as a healthcare provider.

I learned about a man named Dr. George Gonzalez and his never-been-done-before methods of checking nerves and their power levels, thus identifying where weaknesses were and how to strengthen them. This method not only helps illness or injury, but enables a doctor and patient to strengthen weak nerves to help avoid future problems…like concussions.

To this day, Dr. Gonzalez’s methods are still so cutting-edge that there are only about 100 or more doctors worldwide proficient in his techniques.

Just last year, on April 30, 2018, after having performed nerve power-checking and strengthening on thousands of patients over the course of nearly 20 years, I had the unfortunate (or was it?) opportunity to use my own treatment methods on myself.

While working on some home renovations, I hit my head very hard on a chandelier. I sustained a major concussion from this accident that I was able to treat within two days. However, this injury also caused neck and spinal swelling so severe that the nerves lost complete power to all the muscles in my right arm, rendering it paralyzed. We tried several things that started to help but this part of my injury was very puzzling.


I literally laid on my floor and researched new ways to treat my injury. I came across a laser technology therapy and underwent it on May 23. The next day, I was pain-free, and in a matter of six weeks, I was back to normal work and activity, including working out.

In mainstream and conventional medicine, my dining room incident would have resulted in immediate surgery, addictive medications for pain and swelling, at least 100 physical therapy sessions, tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, and more than likely, disability. I view healthcare through a much different lens.

This accident gave me time to research new technologies that I soon incorporated into my practice–hyperbaric oxygen chambers and a full-body wellness light bed charge up people’s bodies with good light and oxygen. So, no, I don’t see it as an “unfortunate accident,” in fact, I see it as God giving me firsthand experience in what my patients endure, including paralysis, so that I could become even better equipped with new methods to help improve their health and quality of life.

Dr. Angelique Miller

In 2017, Dr. Angelique Miller joined my practice and is an invaluable member to our team and an incredible asset to her patients. She started out as a patient herself when she was just a teenager. When she was a business major as a freshman at a nearby college, she became an employee when I needed some extra help. Within just a couple weeks, her natural gift for chiropractic and nerve health care was undeniable. She changed her major, went to chiropractic school, and the rest is history. I never cease to be impressed by her skill and intuition for what we do, and it’s an honor to have her as a colleague.


Now you know more about us at the Nerve Health Institute! Please join me next week where I’ll dive headfirst into the controversial subject of concussions and how our treatment of them is unlike anything out there today.

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