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Specific Brain/Spinal Cord/Nerve Rehabilitation in Lafayette, LA as a Form of Laser Therapy

Specific Brain/Spinal Cord/Nerve Rehabilitation in Lafayette, LA: When Dr. Chris Cormier works on a patient one-on-one, this is called specific brain/spinal cord/nerve rehabilitation. To give you a better explanation, your body has a power company just like your house and it is your brain and spinal cord. They are 88 nerves that come off the spinal cord and provide power to every millimeter section of your skin, every millimeter of every muscle, every millimeter section of every bone, and every millimeter section of every organ.

Specific Brain/Spinal Cord/Nerve Rehabilitation and Laser Therapy at The Nerve Health Institute

Your entire nervous system is fiber optic, and it needs light. The Nerve Health Institute has a method that is used that stems from a method called Quantum Neurology that enables us to check light power in each of the 88 nerves in any human being at any given moment. Once we find weak nerves, we use various light devices (i.e. Aspen Laser, GRT Lite) and sensory stimulating vibration/proprioception/pressure/temperature/form recognition/light touch devices (Vibracussor, Arthrostim, Tuning Fork, Direct Ice, etc.) to restore the fiber optic power in those weak nerves. Nerve Strength comes back in almost all cases instantaneously. The Nerve Health Institute is one of very few clinics in the world providing this service.

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