My deep-rooted calling is to help as many people as possible. However, I can only treat so many patients in my office, and I cannot put myself on the sidelines of every sports team. I needed to find a way to work around my limitations to be able to help far more people than I could actually meet with one-on-one.

I decided to develop an exercise method to help players turn on the power to their cranial nerves—the most important nerves of the entire body. I wanted to develop a program that worked in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels through various tiers, a method in which everything is calculated.

Enter the CONC™ Sports app. CONC focuses on strengthening the cranial nerves before participating in contact sports to ensure that the nervous system is at its strongest at all times.

And the great news is that you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from this app! Anyone can strengthen these most important nerves and experience a better quality of life and improved overall health.

The CONC™ Sports app allows athletes to take an active approach in their nerve health by completing the exercises before, during, and after sports. It also gives parents peace of mind as they can track their child’s progress and know that they’re at a lower risk for long-lasting repercussions of concussions.

Conc™ Sports App

What makes CONC™ different from other conditioning exercises you could do?

First, remember that almost no one is focusing on nerve health, and traditional neuro and sports medicine are severely lacking in this crucial component to overall health and well-being.

Second, CONC™ exercises are NOT randomized, textbook exercises. They are sequenced exercises based on years of clinical experience with thousands of patients. I found commonalities between certain weak nerves and formulated specific exercises to make these nerves stronger.

The results are an overall higher level of health and improved athletic performance, since weak nerves will lead to poorer performance on the field.

A major benefit of CONC™ Sports is that it’s appropriate for athletes at any level! We routinely see professional athletes who have major cranial nerve weaknesses and are completely unaware of it.

Regularly performing the exercises found in CONC™ Sports will increase athletic ability by allowing athletes to play with a higher percentage of their body, or power level, like a cell phone with a full charge. This increased head power will make them less prone to injury and decrease the risk of concussions.

We have also made CONC™ Sports affordable because we want every player, of any age, and on any team to have access to it.

Another Success Story


I received a call from a trainer of a youth football team. One of the players had taken a minor hit and became disoriented, shaky, tingly, and started having vision problems. I couldn’t go to the field at that moment, so I advised the trainer to take the 10-year old player to the ER right away.

The ER is not even a quarter mile from the field, and by the time they got there, he was paralyzed. This all took place in a matter of minutes.

The boy’s coach was Rusty. Rusty begged the boy’s parents to bring him to me, but they were wary. His mom worked for a neurosurgeon and saw healthcare through conventional eyes. She was understandably under a lot of stress, and wanted to know why her son went from playing football to paralyzed so quickly.

The ER staff ran him through all the standard tests, including an MRI, but could not find anything to explain his paralysis. There was no spinal tumor, no brain tumor, or anything putting any pressure on any nerve in his spine or brain. The doctors couldn’t figure out how he could be paralyzed with normal scan results and with nothing putting pressure on any nerves.

However, this question is simple for us. There doesn’t have to be pressure on a nerve for it to lose power.

The boy slowly regained some strength and movement (his brain was trying to restore some power on its own), but even with crutches, he was barely able to walk. The neurosurgeon was only able to suggest some very light physical therapy and to hope that he regained his previous mobility.

With few options given to them at the hospital, the parents brought their son to my office. He was still very unsteady on his crutches and actually fell as he entered the clinic.

I did my initial exam and assessed his 88 nerves and found many weaknesses. Before I worked on him, we took a video of him trying to walk with his crutches. I then treated him for about 15 minutes and took another video as he walked out of the exam room and down the hall with remarkable improvement.

He returned the next day for another treatment and his improvement was better still. His parents recorded him running on the football field the following day and he looked like a regular 10-year old kid again. You can watch his amazing videos here.

You can download the app here!​​​

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