Here is an important video from Dr. Angelique Miller, D.C. to find out the cause of your headaches.

One of the biggest reasons why women get more headaches is hormone fluctuations. Estrogen is a hormone that has been closely linked to headaches, and this hormone is much more prevalent in women. It seems that levels of pain tend to vary based on a woman’s menstrual cycle, and that some pains feel most severe during the premenstrual period and during menses.
There’s also a phenomenon called cortical spreading depression (CSD) that is believed to cause headaches, and females may have a lower threshold for CSD compared to males. Another theory is that females have thicker gray matter in parts of the brain that manage pain processing, whereas other studies point to adverse childhood experiences and more exposure to physical abuse as reasons why women have more headaches.

Researchers have also found that women tend to experience stronger episodes of chronic pain that lasts longer than their male counterparts. This goes beyond pain in the head and extends to the neck, back, knee, and shoulder too. Other conditions, like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome, are more common among women.

When several of these conditions occur simultaneously in the body, the pain can become unbearable and lead to psychological problems and permanent disability.

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