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Demystifying Concussions

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Your BRAIN is your largest nerve and is wired via smaller nerves to EVERY SINGLE part of your body. It’s is the first thing formed in the human body upon conception, and the last thing to die in the human body upon death. As such, it’s important to have an expert check and maintain your nerves throughout the course of your life. Our advanced chiropractors take chiropractic care to the next level by examining all your nerves with our 88 Nerve Checkup which allows us to find out what’s causing your symptoms. Contact us to learn more about how nerve rehabilitation can make a difference in your life!

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LaToya P. Richard

LaToya P. Richard

They’re AWESOME! They were very informative and I love the method & technology he’s using to improve & heal the human body👍🏽👍🏽

Lee Ann Broussard

Lee Ann Broussard

I fell while on vacation and hurt my lower back. I suffered for four weeks and finally couldn’t take the pain any more (I could barely walk some days and my hips were also hurting from the pain). A friend was being treated by Dr Miller at the time and had told me about her… Read more “Lee Ann Broussard”

Kelly Courville LeGrand

Kelly Courville LeGrand

Dr. Cormier & Dr. Miller & the ENTIRE team are just amazing!! Highly recommend them!! They truly are the best and can get to the bottom of back pain, without a knife and/or extensive testing. I had been suffering with pain in my lower back especially after having my last baby 7 months ago. Two… Read more “Kelly Courville LeGrand”

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