Innovative Solutions For Health's Simple To Most Complex Challenges Of All Kinds.

We customize each care plan uniquely to you using accurate data, technology and simple lifestyle adjustments to restore the body's ability to heal without drugs, injections or surgeries.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Here are some amazing stories and testimonials of patients we have had the chance to serve.

"I’m beyond amazed & so thankful to Dr. Cormier! I haven’t been able to touch my toes since a car accident 4 years ago & I haven’t been able to bend past a 45 degree angle without immense pain in almost 6 month. I’ve spent one day with Dr. Chris Cormier and I can do both!!! I’m still in complete awe. My pain, in my back specifically, has inhibited my everyday life. From sleeping, walking, driving, & to bending. I’ve gone to Physical Therapists, done dry needling, chiropractors, & even had spinal injections and this is the first time in years that I’ve not only felt seen & understood, but have felt TRUE relief. If you are anywhere near the same boat as me, please check him out. It’s worth every single penny!"

"Appreciate the entire staff at Nerve Institute!  Everyone is always patient and has great passion for helping and healing.  Dr. Cormier is committed to identifying the root cause of pain and offers treatment options that are progressive and holistic.  I learn something new about how the body works each time.  When I’ve been in high pain, I’ve had immediate relief, and now I visit he and his staff regularly for maintenance check-ins.  Definitely a difference maker for anyone!"

"The Nerve Health Institute goes beyond any chiropractic care that I have previously received.  Although patients may be treated using the same equipment and similar techniques, the treatment plan is uniquely designed to address each patient’s individual need. The staff is amazing and it has been a great experience for me.  Check them out to learn about the OWL method they use!!"

What Our Patients Are Saying

Here are some amazing stories and testimonials of patients we have had the chance to serve.

Our EnergyFlow® Method

How we restore nerve flow from your brain to your parts that helps your body heal to overcome health challenges and conditions of all kinds.

Who We Are

How The Nerve Health Institute approaches healing our patients most difficult health challenges.

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Conditions We Work On

Nerve Health Institute helps patients self-heal who have a wide range of difficult health challenges. Here are the few main ones we focus on.

Neuropathy / Nerve Pain
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Headaches / Concussions / TBIs
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Autoimmune Conditions
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Neck Pain
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Back Pain
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Shoulder Pain
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Hand & Wrist Problem
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Knee & Hip Problems
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Sleep Apnea & Snoring
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Our Process

We use the three most important ingredients in the body to get results for your patients in the shortest time possible

Step 1


It’s the most abundant ingredient in the human body, and most people are deficient in it. We add oxygen back to help your cells detox.

Step 2


Second most abundant ingredient, and most people’s parts are dehydrated. We replenish those parts.

Step 3


Light is the 3rd most abundant ingredient in the body. Our nerves use light to power up all the parts of our body.

Which one do you choose?

To stay in your current self?

Current self
  • In your comfort zone
  • Not getting better
  • Tried Everything
  • Been scammed
  • Skeptical
  • Nothing works
  • Feel older than age
  • Cost more $ in Healthcare
  • TIME

To go to your future self?

Future self
  • OUT of your comfort zone
  • Get help that REALLY works
  • Investment = RESULTS
  • Finally found right doctor
  • Feel LESS than age
  • COST LESS $ in Healthcare
  • Be your own mechanic
“To truly help people, you must master the art of helping people navigate through things they don’t want to, so they have the things they’ve always wanted to have
Taylor Welch

Here is video of some of our amazing and oftentimes unbelievable testimonials.

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Our pricing model for our care is based on the severity and complexity of your problem. Ourhope is that you get here sooner that way the problem is small and simple. The longer thecondition progresses, the more time, technology and investment it takes to get you better.

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