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What problems does knee pain cause?

Knee pain can range from mild to very severe and can limit your daily activities significantly. It can start with a small ache that makes squatting difficult and can progress to tears or breaks due to trauma or sports injuries. For instance, an avid tennis player developed knee pain and, after surgery for a torn meniscus, ended up with an infection that required further treatment. Knee pain can disrupt your ability to walk, run, and even perform routine tasks.


What is the specific way that we fix or resolve this?

At the Nerve Health Institute, we address knee pain by focusing on restoring energy flow from the brain to the knee. This involves ensuring that all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues around the knee receive proper energy. Unlike traditional treatments that might involve surgeries, injections, or medications, we use advanced technology to improve energy flow, which strengthens the knee and prevents further injuries. For example, a patient with a torn ACL who opted out of surgery maintained an active lifestyle by enhancing the energy flow to the surrounding knee structures.


What is the outcome when the solution is provided?

When we restore energy flow, patients experience significant improvement in their knee function and pain levels. The tennis player mentioned earlier fully recovered and continues to play tennis without issues. Another patient avoided surgery for a torn ACL and successfully engaged in aggressive hikes without problems. By fixing the root cause of the pain, we help patients regain their normal activities and prevent further knee damage.

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