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The Nerve Health Institute provides patients of all ages with non-surgical solutions to healing pain and injury and has been doing so since 2010. Dr. Cormier utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and various treatment therapies to provide appropriate care to each and every patient. The amazing care provided by Dr. Cormier and his staff is what makes him one of the most sought-after chiropractors in not only Lafayette, La but the entire nation.

Our Values


  • Patients: We deliver on commitments
  • We uphold our mission and values
  • Stay authentic and true to ourselves


  • Have our passion inspire others
  • Be inspirational, always push forward
  • Be adaptive, don't get stuck in the past


  • Strive for mastery in our crafts
  • Faster mental & emotional fulfillment
  • Test and learn based on exploration


  • Always help others grow and learn
  • People first, experts second
  • Cohesive team is the most effective


Results Oriented

Our number one care is patient results.  It is why we are constantly bringing new equipment and treatment options into the fold.  Use the right tool, for the right person, and the right time and the outcomes you want will be there.  No one size fits all here, to get results it has to be custom tailored to what the individual needs.

Solution Focused

No band-aids on bullet wounds. Most medical care just focuses on managing symptoms without ever trying to get to the actual cause of the problem. Just like if you see “get rich quick” schemes on the internet, the same applies in healthcare. Getting to the cause is more involved, but it is a complete job. Not only are you better short term, but long term as well.


Sometimes natural care gets thought of like voodoo magic. But to the contrary, all things that we do are hardcore backed in science. Science has come a massively long way to understanding more about how the human body works and how we can help it stay or restore health. There is always a reason why things happen, cause and effect.

Doctor-Patient Collaboration

This is a collaboration effect between us and our patients. We cannot solely be responsible for your health. But at the same time getting well is complicated and there needs to be an expert guide. We want you to understand what is going wrong with your health and empower you to be in control. We will work with you on how we can help, and what you can do to help yourself to handle your health challenges once and for all.

World Class Non-Invasive Technology

We use world-class researched backed technology to help get our patients the results in a fraction of the time.

Relentless Evolution

Endless and relentless pursuit of improvement and adaptation. We believe in the ability to evolve and grow through learning, action, and feedback.

Innovate Impossible

If it doesn’t exist, then we look for a way to create it. “It’s never been done before…” is an opportunity to create new value in a way thats it has never been produced.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Chris Cormier, DC

Qualifications & Experience
  • B.S. Degree Kinesiology – Louisiana State University (1994)
  • Doctorate Of Chiropractic (D.C.) – Texas Chiropractic College (1998)
  • Nutritional Product Formulator: Chiropractor’s Choice (Released in 2008)
  • Superfruits GT (Released in 2009)
  • Quantum Neurology Practitioner (Completed Training December 2010)
  • Published Author – The Hidden Diagnosis (2012) and God’s Amazing Machine (2013)
  • Founder/Inventor of OIL2AIR™, The Natural Air Freshener
  • Proud father to Hayden, Molly and Lucas and husband to wife, Missy.

This Is Where I Come In For You

When I chose to follow my calling and go into healthcare, I took an oath to help people to the best of my ability very seriously. This means I have to constantly research and study to find the best things for the human body. It’s my job to provide you with an instruction manual for the human body. I’ve spent thousands of hours of studying to form my current opinions, and I’m not going to stop searching.

My Philosophy

I work 5 days a week in my practice seeing hundreds of patients every month. My focus is in nerve rehabilitation.  I have what I believe to be the absolute best technologies that the world has to offer for helping my patients.

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Meet Our Team

Shannon Romero

Shannon Romero

Office Manager
Lily brown

Lily Brown

Dr. Cormier’s Assistant
Maddie Brinkman

Maddie Brinkman

Dr. Cormier’s Assistant
Abby warren

Abby Warren

Nerve Health Coach
Kelly Dupre

Kelly Dupre

HBOT Technician
Emily Broussard

Emily Broussard


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