How We Help Our Patients Recover From Back Pain

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What problems does back pain cause?

Back pain can start from something as simple as making a sudden move while sitting on the couch. For example, when I was 19, I picked up a dumbbell and immediately felt severe pain in my back.

This kind of pain can be sudden and unexpected. However, back pain can also be linked to more serious issues. The nerves in your back connect to important organs like your kidneys, pancreas, and digestive tract.

Problems in these areas can be associated with back pain. For instance, my dad had back surgery at 19, which led to lifelong issues with his pancreas and kidneys, eventually requiring organ transplants.

Another serious problem is when people choose to undergo multiple surgeries, injections, or take medicines for back pain. This can lead to a cycle of repeated treatments without real improvement. For example, a patient named Tyler, who was 24 years old, started with back pain that led to several surgeries within a year. He went from being active and healthy to using a walker and being unable to care for his family. Thankfully, after coming to us, we were able to fully recover him despite his previous surgeries.


What is the specific way that we fix or resolve this?

At the Nerve Health Institute, we focus on finding and fixing the root cause of back pain. We don’t just mask the symptoms with drugs, injections, or surgeries.

Instead, we use advanced methods and technologies to improve the energy flow from the brain to all parts of the body.

This helps to address the real problem and provides long-lasting relief.


What is the outcome when the solution is provided?

When we restore the energy flow, many patients find significant relief from their back pain. For example, Tyler, who had undergone multiple surgeries, was able to fully recover and return to his normal life.

He now visits us occasionally to show his gratitude and how healthy he is. By addressing the root cause of the pain, we help patients avoid the cycle of repeated surgeries and treatments.

In conclusion, back pain can have many causes and lead to serious problems if not treated properly. Before considering traditional methods like drugs, injections, or surgeries, come see us at the Nerve Health Institute.

We specialize in finding and fixing the root cause of back pain, providing you with long-lasting relief and helping you avoid painful procedures. We’re your best friend when it comes to back pain.

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