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Contour Light in Lafayette, LA is a Laser Therapy Modality That Helps Lose Inches in Problem Areas Without Pain or Surgery

Contour Light in Lafayette, LA: At The Nerve Health Institute, we provide Contour Light which assists in the removal of body fat and the reduction of inches without surgery, needles, incisions or recovery time. Our Lafayette chiropractic office uses 635 & 880 nm wavelengths to penetrate tissues at different depths and is naturally absorbed by the cells as it helps with adenosine triphosphate or ATP.  ATP energy is required for cell repair and regeneration. This LED also facilitates the release of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide improves the body’s natural blood flow circulation. It’s a gas-signaling molecule that relaxes the arteries and reduces blood pressure. When the body has improved circulation, this promotes healing and relieves pain.

What is Contour Light?

Contour Light is a non-invasive, LED-based light therapy that is currently the highest in-demand treatment being sought by patients of today simply because of the healthy nature of the outcomes. Unlike ultrasound, radio frequency, laser light and freezing, LED-based therapies do not cause cellular damage. Quite the opposite, LED light has been shown to promote a natural response within cells based on the wavelength of the light energy used and the type of cell it reaches. Both mid-600nm (including 635nm) and infrared (including 880nm) wavelengths have been used in a wide range of therapies that promote some form of healing response.

The Contour Light delivers both mid-600nm and infrared light via high-powered, German-made, surface mount microchip LEDs that are imbedded in a soft and flexible pad. The pads can be easily applied to any area of the body, conforming to the contours of a patient. Because of the Contour Light’s proprietary reflective coating, the light that would normally bounce off the skin is reflected back, resulting in a much higher retention of light energy than with other similar devices. No other system has this reflective coating. A Contour Light session is pain-free, with no heat or discomfort, and is safe to operate for both the patient and the technician.

How Contour Light Laser Therapy Works at Our Facility

There are 2 of 3 Contour Light devices in the state right here in the office. Contour Light utilizes 4 large body pads, two pads for the upper arms and a face mask. The total number of 635nm diodes is 1,900, more than any other device currently available. Contour Light covers from the rib cage to lower thighs, front and back, both upper arms, the face, neck and décolleté all in one 30-minute session.

No other system has the coverage to match the Contour Light, making it the easiest to use and most effective device on the market. The wavelength opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell. The results? Incredible spot reduction on the arms, neck, back, breasts, saddlebags, inner thighs, knees—virtually anywhere you have excess fat. No pain, no bruising, no swelling, no burning, no downtime… NO side effects! Contour Light delivers the most power and covers the most treatment area of any LED or laser device on the market!

Red Light Therapy          VS                    Liposuction

No Pain, Bruising or Swelling
No Downtime
No risks involved
Healthy cellular stimulation
Does not cause damage

Pain, Bruising & Swelling
Long Recovery Time
Very Risky
Destroys cells including possible permanent nerve damage

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